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Septi-Zone - Septic Tank Cleaner


Save money by avoiding septic tank problems. Pour SEPTI-ZONE into your commode, flush and let it go to work. SEPTI-ZONE provides three natural fast-acting cleaning enzymes that work with good bacteria along with adding new bacteria that replace those that were killed-off. Lipase breaks down hard fats into tiny globules. Amylase (or diastase) disintegrates and digests hard starches by changing them into water-soluble sugars. Proteinase eliminates smells by turning solid organic waste matter into odour free, biodegradable liquids.

SEPTI-ZONE's efficient pH controls help keep a neutral chemical balance so your pipes won't corrode. It is harmless to humans and animals and the environment because it is an environmentally certified product.

To Order:

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Regular Price $11.00/lb

How to Use:

  • ½ cup per month - family of 1-5 (1 jar will last 2 months)
  • 1 cup per month - family of 6 or more (1 jar will last 1 month)

Flush down the commode last thing at night. Additional SEPTI-ZONE can be used after spring thaw and again just before winter to keep wastes from backing up. Use as follows:

Twice a year use a jar - ½ cup once a week for 4 weeks. Wait 4 weeks and start your regular monthly maintenance.

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