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Water-Free, No Flush Urinals

Campground, Camps & Resorts ~ Commercial

waterlessurinals_TThe Water-free, No Flush Urinal looks just like a conventional urinal. It is available in vitreous china, or fiberglass, and installs to a regular 2" waste-line in new construction, renovations, or retrofit applications.

The key to the success of the product is the unique EcoTrap system. A small amount (3 oz.) of an immiscible liquid called Tela-Trap floats inside the removable trap. When the urinal is used, the urine passes through this "lighter than water" liquid and down the drain line just as it does in a conventional urinal. The Tela-Trap liquid effectively forms a barrier between the drain and the washroom environment, sealing out the urine odor. The dry urinal surface creates a hostile environment for bacteria resulting in an even more sanitary and odor-free fixture. The 3 oz. of Tela-Trap liquid will last for about 2000 urinal uses or more before requiring replenishment, making it much more economical than the ever increasing cost of water.

By eliminating the flush valve; repairs and maintenance are also eliminated providing greater savings.

To Order:

Please call Telamode at 1-800-263-2951 for Volume Pricing.


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