TELA-GEL Odor Control Gel

Download printable PDF flyer for Residential/Commercial or Municipal/Industrial applications.

Most odor control products available today are chemical based formulas that simply mask malodors by releasing overbearing fragrances. Tela-GEL is a specially formulated, soap based, odor absorbent block that significantly reduces odors, replacing them with a very light refreshing scent. Tela-GEL is environmentally friendly and does not contain paradichlorobenzene, making it safe for people, animals, and the environment.


Simply remove the lid from the container and place in the affected area for immediate odor relief. For stronger, more subborn odors, invert Tela-GEL onto its lid and slide the container off leaving the entire block exposed or, invert the block into a mesh bag and hang wherever needed. To further enhance performance, place the unit in front of an air source, such as a fan or vent. Air flow assists in spreading the active ingredients throughout the area to neutralize odor molecules.

Tela-GEL can be used for approximately 30 days, you will notice a significant decrease in size. When this occurs simply toss into the trash and replace with another block if necessary.

For longer odor fighting power, place the remaining portion in your vacuum bag or garbage can for continued freshness.


Controls Odors Associated With:telagel

Mold ● Varnish ● Stain ● Latex ● Paint ●

Adhesives ● Mildew ● Body Odor ● Flooding ●

Sewers ● Pets ● Cigarettes ● Diapers ● Kitchens

● Bathrooms ● Recreational Vehicles ● Boats ●

Confined Spaces ● Garbage ● Locker Rooms ●

Garages ● Public Transportation ●

Formaldehyde ● Ammonia

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